Quality is our service
We mainly deliver photographic material in digital form or as prints, where quality is our goal. An overview of our available products valid from 2013 is given below. Feel free to contact us if your product or print size is not listed below. The actual prices are listed in our webshop.

Digital files
Our digital files can be ordered in three different pixel sizes in the highest quality jpg. Choose the pixelsize that meets your requirement. If you want to use the pictures for websites the smallest pixel size will be sufficient. If you want to make a larger print please choose the larger pixel size. Besides the three pixel sizes you can also order a copyright free digital file at full pixel size. This copyright free file may be used for publication. The digital files will be delivered by e-mail within three working days after the payment is confirmed.

Pixel size
Large 4256 x 2832
Medium 2128 x 1416
Small 1064 x 708

How to order:
All of our products can be easily orderded via our webshop which is accessible via the gallery. The pictures are arranged by date or event so you can quickly find your desired picture.

Most of our online photos are represented as "thumbnails" to avoid copying and save disk space. All pictures are unedited. The pictures will be edited during an order if necessary to obtain the best result.

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